Jen has a new Neutrogena commercial out and here are some screen caps and a video clip for you:

Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner

11 Responses to “Neutrogena Commercial”
July 30, 08 • 5:39 am

Gorgeous! I don’t think the ads are airing in the UK though, which is a shame.

July 30, 08 • 5:56 am

Hi Angie! *waves*

July 30, 08 • 8:44 am

I love it!
my favorite so far. she looks beautiful, thanx 🙂

July 30, 08 • 8:07 pm

Jen is such a class act.

Give me Bennifer over Brangelina anyday!

Rosy J
July 31, 08 • 4:05 am

Jen is awesome. Love her.

Saginaw Joe
July 31, 08 • 1:08 pm

Great commercial. Jen is the most beautiful actress in the world.

August 1, 08 • 2:22 am

so cute and Gorgeous!

August 1, 08 • 8:23 am

She is sooo lovely. She shines

August 1, 08 • 1:49 pm

Love her,she is a fab actress and so gorgeous. x

August 8, 08 • 7:28 pm

Maybe she is a bad girl?

Rosy J
August 9, 08 • 10:21 pm

Yeah, she is a “bad a$$” girl! hehe

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