September 13, 2016 Comments Off on New Still From Wakefield Images, Wakefield

The first still of Jennifer in hew new film Wakefield has been released and added to our gallery.

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Jennifer Garner Online > FILMS > 2016 | Wakefield > Production Stills

September 13, 2016 Comments Off on Jennifer Garner, Bryan Cranston and Director Robin Swicord of Wakefield at TIFF Videos

Jennifer is at the Toronto Film Festival to help promote her new film Wakefield. Here is an interview she did along with her co-stars for the Hollywood Reporter.

September 5, 2016 Comments Off on More stills from Nine Lives Images, Nine Lives

Added a few new stills from the movie Nine Lives to our gallery and upgraded some of the current stills to HQ.

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Jennifer Garner Online > FILMS > 2016 | Nine Lives > Production Stills

August 19, 2016 Comments Off on Beautiful Shoot from 2015 Images

I have added a beautiful shoot that Jennifer did last year for Town & Country to the gallery. She looks so lovely!

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August 19, 2016 Comments Off on A Brand New Domain Site Updates

I am so excited to share that Jennifer Garner Online can now be accessed using the domain, so be sure to update your bookmarks!

August 4, 2016 Comments Off on Jennifer Garner opens up on TODAY Show about life with Ben Affleck and kids Articles

This morning Jennifer did an interview on the Today show and opened up about how she and Ben share the responsibility of their children.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have three beautiful children together, and while the past year has seen big changes for mom and dad, one thing hasn’t changed at all — they put the needs of their kids first.

As the busy actress told TODAY’s Natalie Morales, ‘You don’t have a choice. I mean, it has to be.”

That simple fact of parenting just makes sense to Garner, who, since her breakup with Affleck, has embraced her family’s new normal.

“We are definitely a modern family,” she said with a smile. “We’re doing really well.”

In fact, earlier this year, Garner and Affleck teamed up for a vacation with the kids in Europe.

“Ben was working in London, on ‘Justice League,’ and I felt like, ‘Well, the kids should have that experience,'” she said. “And he and I are great friends, and we just all went en masse.”

Prioritizing what’s best for their children is nothing new for Garner — neither is fighting for it.

In 2013, she fought alongside fellow stars, including Halle Berry, for California legislation that would protect her children and other celebrity kids from intrusive and possibly dangerous paparazzi encounters. She won that battle, and she’s already seeing the benefits.

In the past, Garner’s youngest son, 4-year-old Samuel, urged her to shoo the paparazzi away. “Mom, go out and tell them your son does not like it,'” she recalled him saying.

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But now? “It is so much better,” she said. “I really do thank all of the legislators who saw the wisdom in not allowing paparazzi to lie in wait outside of your school, outside of doctors’ offices, pediatricians’ offices, outside of your, you know, your home.”

August 2, 2016 Comments Off on ‘Nine Lives’ Director on Working With Animals: ‘Dogs Are Easy and Cats are Hard’ Articles, Nine Lives

Felines were definitely the dominant species at Monday’s world premiere of EuropaCorp’s cat comedy “Nine Lives” at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

“The cat is king when you’re shooting a cat movie,” Jennifer Garner declared on the blue carpet. “They really are the ones in charge.”

Malina Weissman, who plays Garner’s daughter in the film, agreed.

“I love cats, but they are sometimes divas,” she explained. “Sometimes they’ve very cooperative.”

Director Barry Sonnenfeld was in a reflective mood about working with animals, noting that he had done so extensively on the “Men in Black” movies.

“Dogs are easy and cats are hard; they don’t care about praise,” he asserted. “We had great second unit directors who took care of it during the nights.”

The story is fairly simple — an uptight businessman, played by Kevin Spacey, finds himself trapped inside the body of a cat. Garner plays his wife and Robbie Amell portrays his son.

“I really wanted to be in this movie, even though I am super allergic to cats, dogs, and horses,” Amell admitted. “As an actor, you just want the part and once you do, you just figure out how to make it work.”

Mark Consuelos, who plays the villain, admitted that the cats seemed to sense that he was not a fan. “I think the cats would have tried to eat me if they were bigger,” he added.

Several of the film’s cats — Lil Bub, Nala, Pudge, and Waffles — attracted plenty of attention, even though Waffles appeared on the verge of falling asleep. Trainer Derek Liu said that’s what Waffles wants to do all the time.

“He’s a very chill cat and nothing bothers him,” he said.


August 2, 2016 Comments Off on Jennifer at the Nine Lives Premiere in Hollywood Events, Images

I have added images to the gallery from last night’s premiere of Nine Lives which Jen attended. She looked lovely in a red gown by Azzedine Alaïa.

A giant thank you to Mary for sharing some of these pics with us!

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Jennifer Garner Online > 2016 > August 1 | Nine Lives Premiere in Hollywood

August 2, 2016 Comments Off on Jennifer Garner Sings the Meow Mix Jingle and It’s Everything Events, Interview, Nine Lives, Videos

How fun is this interview Jen did last night with E!Online? Check it out!

Who knew Jennifer Garner was such a fan of Meow Mix?

Yes, the 44-year-old actress chatted with E! News at the premiere of Nine Lives—yes, a movie about cats—and dished her favorite name for a kitty.

“A good cat name for me would be, what was the cat who did the Meow Mix commercials? Morris!” she laughed. “Because I grew up loving Morris. I had a t-shirt with Morris on it! and I would want be, ‘Meow meow meow meow…'”

Yes! She even began singing that famous Meow Mix jingle, and it was simply everything. (Also, where can we find that shirt?!)

As for the film itself, she told us her kids haven’t seen it just yet, but she can’t wait to take them.

“We’ll be buying tickets this weekend! They’re super excited,” she said. “It’s such a great family film. You can take anyone—anyone should have a good time at this film.”

Meanwhile, Garner has been quite the busy woman! On Sunday, she attended the 2016 Teen Choice Awards and accepted a big award on Sunday for another one of her family films: Miracles From Heaven.

The actress and her young co-star in the film, Kiley Rogers, got together on stage at after winning the award for Choice Drama Movie. Upon accepting the surfboard, Garner left a special message for all the children fighting their own battles: “Thanks to everyone, we were definitely the underdog in this category. That’s so exciting. It’s amazing to us the impact this movie was able to have, and have all your guys appreciate it means the world to us.”

She concluded, “All the kids who are in a hospital waiting for a miracle, don’t give up hope!”

To watch the video click Continue Reading.

August 2, 2016 Comments Off on Jennifer Garner: Why She Loved Being Part Of ‘Nine Lives’! Events, Interview, Nine Lives, Videos

Jennifer talked to Access Hollywood at the Nine Lives premiere last night about why she loved doing the film!

At the “Nine Lives” Hollywood premiere, Jennifer Garner tells Access Hollywood how being a mom has affected her decision in making these types of family-friendly movies as of late.

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