Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner

August 22, 2008 Comments Off on Baby Einstein 10th Anniversary Celebration News
GLENDALE, Calif., Aug 20, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Baby Einstein has been a mom’s “must have” for the past decade and today, dozens of giggling babies and parents helped celebrate its 10th anniversary at a special event at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Hosted by Baby Einstein founder Julie Clark, and actress and mom, Jennifer Garner, partygoers strolled, crawled and toddled down a colorful caterpillar carpet toward baby-friendly discovery zones where they interacted with music, created art, mingled with nature and explored a pint-sized jungle. Among the guests were 7-year-old Ryan Douglas and 5-year-old Alexa Bradley, two remarkable children from the Make-A-Wish Foundation(R) whose wishes to go behind-the-scenes of their favorite DVDs were granted. The festivities also included a sneak peak at the 10th Anniversary special editions, fall release of Baby Mozart(TM) and Baby Beethoven(TM), a puppet show and a performance by the Glendale Youth Orchestra.
“We love the arts, and Baby Einstein has brought music and nature into our home in such a wonderful, meaningful way,” said Garner. “As a parent, it’s easy to see why Baby Einstein is a mom-favorite around the world.”
August 8, 2008 Comments Off on Support Christina Applegate Site Updates

Christina Applegate, Emmy award winning actress and star of Married with Children and Samantha Who? has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is expected to make a full recovery, but a star has been created in her honor at Stand Up 2 Cancer and if you want to do more to help the cause and help stop cancer, please consider donating in her honor!

Christina Applegate

You can donate as much as you want and you can do so by clicking the image above or by clicking here. Please help spread the word about this – since Christina has entertained and inspired us all these years, it’s our turn to give back!

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

Expectant couples Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner and Matt Damon & wife Luciana turned out for a Miami fundraiser Saturday for Barack Obama.

Garner, sporting a small baby bump, looked radiant in a chic short black cocktail dress and sexy high-heeled sandals. Luciana, very pregnant, was decked out in a long black skirt with a strapless tank top.

The couples attended a private $1,000-per-person VIP reception at club SET to support the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate.

After spending orientation time in The Trophy Room, the four friends headed for SET’s Hip Hop Room to socialize with guests before giving speeches from the stage.

“Jennifer Garner gave the first speech supporting Obama, and she was very witty, clever and funny,” says a source at SET. “She was followed by her husband Ben, then Matt Damon. The men gave serious political speeches on how the country needs change.”

The stars drank bottled water and took pictures with the guests.

“They were all in great moods and very friendly to everyone,” says another source, accompanied by a host who plunked down $5,000 for his group to meet the stars and support Obama.

August 3, 2008 Comments Off on Stars Support Obama On South Beach Ben Affleck, Politics

In one of the hottest clubs on South Beach, the star attraction Saturday night was three big Hollywood stars, rallying support for presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama.

Click here for a video clip

Several hundred people paid anywhere from $250 to $5,000 for a chance to rub shoulders with Matt Damon, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck.

“It comes down to a simple choice for all of us. If you like the direction the country is going, you should vote for McCain.” Actor Matt Damon was determined to drive the point home, “But if you want a candidate who rejects those policies but has a vision, then Obama’s your guy!” Damon says he was an early supporter.

Jennifer Garner agrees with Damon, “Ultimately I felt inspired by him and I don’t think anyone in our generation has had that experience.”

Whether or not the star power on South Beach brings in the bucks for Obama, Damon downplays celebrity influence on voters.

“I’m not out here trying to change anybody, but I feel he will do a better job leading the country and changing the course we’re on, which has been disastrous.”

We asked voters what they thought. They say it’s not about the people, but about the issues and policies. “It doesn’t really matter to me, but I do respect their views,” one party-goer told us.

Source: CBS News Florida

Jen has a new Neutrogena commercial out and here are some screen caps and a video clip for you:

Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner

July 27, 2008 Comments Off on Generation Obama Fundraiser in Miami Ben Affleck, News

Matt Damon, wife Luciana and pals Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner will appear at a Generation Obama fundraiser at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 2 in Miami Beach, Florida. VIP reception is $1,000 per person; it’s $250 general admission. Info: go.barack or

July 27, 2008 Comments Off on Kevin Smith Spills the Baby Beans Ben Affleck, News

Their family is about to grow, and now Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck may be in the market for roomier digs.

“I guess they are looking for a bigger place now,” pal Kevin Smith told PEOPLE at a the Maxim magazine party on Saturday in San Diego where he attended Comic-Con.

The director-actor, who is a longtime friend of Affleck and starred with Garner in 2006’s Catch and Release, also revealed how he learned the news that the couple – who are parents to daughter Violet, 2 – are expecting again.

“I saw him last week. Ben came over to watch my movie (Zack and Miri Make a Porno) at the house, and he told me, ‘We’re having another baby,'” recalls Smith.

He added that parenthood comes naturally to both stars. “[Jen] is such a Martha Stewart type. She is a perfect mom,” he says. “And [Ben] is a great dad, which I found not that surprising, but it’s a side of him that I never thought about before he became a dad. He’s a great father. He loves that kid of his.”

July 21, 2008 3 Comments Films, Images

News of Jennifer’s pregnancy (while still not confirmed by her or Ben’s publicists) got me in the Juno mood so I watched and capped and uploaded them here in the gallery:

Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner

LOS ANGELES, July 18 (UPI) — Canadian actor Victor Garber is denying he told a magazine that his former “Alias” co-star, Jennifer Garner, is pregnant with her second child. quoted Garber as saying, “Yes, she is,” when asked if Garner and her husband, actor Ben Affleck, are expecting a sibling for their 2-year-old daughter, Violet. quoted another source as saying, “(Garner) is five months pregnant. They are very happy.”

Rumors about Garner’s alleged second pregnancy have been swirling for weeks, mainly due to Garner’s and Affleck’s recent comments about wanting to expand their family. Adding fuel to the spectulation is the fact Garner has been photographed wearing loose-fitting clothes this summer.

Garber told E! News that took his words out of context.

“I haven’t confirmed that at all, no,” Garber told E! News. “I know they want to have another child and hopefully that’s true, but I don’t know that. … No, I know that they are hoping to be. I just don’t know that it’s for sure. It’s a very… personal thing.”

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