August 30, 2018 Comments Off on Jennifer Attends the Premiere of Peppermint Events, Images

This week Jennifer attended the premiere of her new film Peppermint. She wore a beautiful black duchesse satin dress by Narciso Rodriguez. She accessorized the dress with jewelry by David Webb and strappy Giuseppe Zanotti sandals.

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August 28, 2018 Comments Off on HBO Teaser Trailer for 2018-2019 Season Camping, Videos

HBO has released their first teaser trailer for thier upcoming season including a clip from Camping!

August 22, 2018 Comments Off on More Images from the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony Co-Stars

Lots more pictures!

A huge thank you to Mary for finding some of these great images for us!

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August 22, 2018 Comments Off on Jennifer Garner on the Moment She Decided Not to Retire From Acting Articles

Jennifer shared with how she almost decided to quit acting and what made her change her mind.

Jennifer Garner’s career couldn’t be hotter, but there was a time when she wasn’t sure she would return to acting at all.

The 46-year-old actress got candid about her almost-retirement after giving birth to 6-year-old son Samuel in a recent interview with Variety. As Garner explained, welcoming three kids in seven years was enough to make her consider leaving her career behind.

“Three kids just knocks you flat on your a**,” she said, before recalling the phone call with her then-agent of 20 years, Patrick Whitesell, that changed everything. “I would have to decide, ‘No I actually do love this job.'”

“Patrick said, ‘Either this is the telephone call about you doing Dallas Buyers Club and how we’re going to make that happen, or it’s a telephone call about your retirement,’” Garner remembered. “That was a real moment of decision and clarity and I loved him for it, because it forced me to say, ‘OK, I am not ready to be home all the time.'”

Now, Garner seems to have it all. She’s a doting mom to 12-year-old Violet, 9-year-old Seraphina and Samuel with ex Ben Affleck, just received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, her new TV show, Camping, is about to debut on HBO, and her new movie, Peppermint, hits theaters on Sept. 7.

The actress opened up to ET last fall about how she manages motherhood and her career. “Any time that you’re playing someone who is going through something, you have to just figure it out, and you actually — believe it or not — don’t use your own life as much as you might think,” she said. “It really is its own bear to get through.”

“You just get into that place. That’s your job, and then you shake it off, because you have to go home and raise your kids,” Garner explained. “It’s just like any other time I do a scene with an emotional place.”

August 21, 2018 Comments Off on Watch Jennifer’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony Awards, Events, Videos

Watch Jennifer be honored and receive her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

August 20, 2018 Comments Off on Jennifer Honored with A Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Events, Images

Jennifer was honored today with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her ceremony included tributes by co-stars Judy Greer, Bryan Cranston, and Steve Carrell. She was supported by her family including her parents, her sisters and their families, and her three children. I am so proud of you Jennifer. You deserve the recognition and the love that was shown for you.

I have added the first batch of images from her ceremony to our gallery. I will continue to add more as I find them!

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August 20, 2018 Comments Off on Jennifer Garner Talks Walk of Fame, TV After ‘Alias’ Articles

Twenty years ago, Jennifer Garner thought her career couldn’t get better. She’d survived nine months of sleeping in a kitchen in Manhattan and eating spaghetti with butter while understudying for an Ivan Turgenev play on Broadway, scored a few walk-on parts on TV, and landed the lead in a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie in which she played a 19th century orphan.

“Making a couple hundred dollars a week to pay for my apartment, I really thought that was as good as it was going to get,” laughs Garner on an afternoon in Los Angeles. “I was completely and totally thrilled with that.”

Her Hallmark director, Christopher Cain, invited her to fly out to Malibu and stay with him and his wife, Sharon. The rental car company ran out of cheap sedans, so they handed her the keys to a convertible. One day, she drove around, got lost, and found herself on Hollywood Boulevard stumbling over other tourists and signs as she watched the stars go by under her feet. On Aug. 20, she’ll get her own.

“It’s all been a big accident,” she insists. Not for anyone who’s paid close attention to her performances: the attentive eyes, the steel spine, the radiant likability second only to Tom Hanks. Her first starring film role, 2004’s “13 Going on 30,” is this generation’s “Big.”

“There’s rarely a day that I’m out in the world that somebody doesn’t mention ‘13 going on 30,’” says Garner. “It just pops up in your life as a GIF.”

Only Jennifer Garner would highlight the body-swapped eighth-grader’s enthusiasm, not her ignorance. Only Jennifer Garner could take the anxious adoptive mother role in “Juno” and fill her brittle character with so much heart that she, not the sarcastic teen, becomes the film’s emotional center. And only Jennifer Garner could launch into a major new act of her career — “The Tribes of Palos Verdes,” “Love, Simon” and this fall’s HBO black comedy “Camping,” her first TV show since “Alias” — with such modesty that she hardly seems to expect that people will catch on that at 46, she’s doing the most fulfilling work of her career.

All the Charleston-raised girl, a self-described “total snob” about sticking to theater, wanted to do was eke out a living performing live Shakespeare. Growing up as the middle child of three daughters, she was so well-behaved that she didn’t pierce her ears, pluck her eyebrows, or wear nail polish. The worst thing Garner did in high school was swipe her dad’s Camry to drive to Taco Bell. She entered college studying chemistry — her dad’s profession — and then switched to drama, which aligned her more with her mom, an English teacher.

“I just love language,” says Garner. Twisting lines, muttered quips, mouthsful of monologues. Yet, when she committed to Hollywood, the best part an ingénue could get was as Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend in “Dude, Where’s My Car?,” in which her character had magic inflating boobs.

August 20, 2018 Comments Off on Peppermint Photocall in Los Angeles Events, Images

Jennifer, Juan Pablo Raba, and John Ortiz made an appearance at a photo call in Los Angeles for their new film Peppermint. I have added a ton of images to the gallery!

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August 15, 2018 Comments Off on Images from Southern Living Images, Magazines

I have added some additional images from Jennifer’s beautiful new shoot with Southern Living magazine.

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August 14, 2018 Comments Off on What Jennifer Garner is Teaching Her Kids About Food, the Farm, and Their Grandmom’s Childhood Interview, Magazines

Jennifer is featured on the cover of the September issue of Southern Living magazine.

Ask Jennifer Garner what she remembers about growing up in the South (she is from West Virginia), and she will probably mention food. More specifically, her mother’s cooking. For Jennifer, like so many other Southerners, food represents more than just a meal at the table. It’s a time to gather as a family. It’s a way of passing down recipes from generations. Food is love.

SL: What do you want your kids to know about this farm?

JG: I want them to know that my mother was happy and free on the farm. I want them to know that you don’t need things to keep you occupied. I think that the only real way to understand a concept like that is to live it, so I guess we’d better head to the farm more often!

SL: The best lesson your mother taught you about food:

JG: That food is love. My mother took pride in feeding our family, always tried to make it fun, always made it fresh and hot. She would pick me up from dance class and then transport me to theater rehearsal with a plate of something warm from the oven. That’s one of the most consistent and loving things she did for me.

SL: How are you passing down what you learned to your own kids?

JG: I try not to battle with them about food. They are not nearly as finicky as I was, but their pickiness still drives me nuts. I do my very best to take my cues from my mom and put good food in front of them and let it be from there. I am not always successful. Oh—and I also try to have a plate of fresh cut-up veggies on the counter for them to munch on while I am finishing dinner. Mom did that too.

SL: Do you ever dream of coming home to the South? (By the way, your parents did not make us ask this question—promise!)

JG: I could easily and happily live on a farm in the South or anywhere that had enough family nearby to feel like the South. I hope to own a home in West Virginia someday, but right now, the kids and I are so happy to go home to Grandmom and Granddad’s house that I am not in any rush.

Family, Friday night football, Mama’s fried chicken. Those are just a few of the items that usually make the short list for Southerners when they talk about their childhoods, whether it be growing up in a big city or a small town. There are certain memories that are made that we just can’t forget. Memories that we would love to recreate when we are mothers or grandmothers of our own. Here, Jennifer Garner shares some of her favorite memories of growing up in West Virginia.

SL: So, what’s your fondest memory of growing up in West Virginia?

JG: The friendliness and patience of Southerners. When I first moved to New York City, my hand almost fell off from waving at every person I passed on the sidewalk—because that’s how I had been raised. I really believe the more people you make eye contact and share a smile with, the happier and more connected you feel.

SL: And you still miss…

JG: West Virginia’s warm summer nights—and fireflies. I miss the easy sense of community (although, with a little effort, you can build that for yourself anywhere). I also miss songbirds at the bird feeder, pickup trucks on the road, and high school football games on Friday nights.

SL: Favorite meal growing up:

JG: Mom’s roast chicken, rice, and gravy with hot homemade rolls. Notice that I didn’t mention anything green—I didn’t eat anything green until I was an adult. There was probably a fruit crumble afterward too—and ice cream.

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