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May 19, 18   Comments Off on Jennifer In Honor of the Royal Wedding 13 Going on 30, Images

Jennifer shared this fun pic from the set of 13 Going on 30 in honor of the royal wedding!

Oct 22, 16   Comments Off on 13 Going on 30 Is Heading to Broadway 13 Going on 30

Jenna + Matty forever. The movie 13 Going on 30 came out in 2004. That means that if you were 13 when you saw the movie in theaters, you’re now 25 years old. And with Deadline now reporting that a team has begun adapting the rom-com into a musical, that means those 13-year-olds who saw […]

Sep 18, 15   Comments Off on New 13 Going on 30 Stills 13 Going on 30, Images

I added some new stills from Jen’s film 13 Going on 30 to our gallery. Gallery Links: – Jennifer Garner Online > FILMS > 2004 | 13 Going On 30 > Production Stills

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