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Actress Jennifer Garner and Lisa Borders, President & CEO, TIME’S UP, talk about the TIME’S UP movement and where it’s headed.

Aug 14, 18   Comments Off on What Jennifer Garner is Teaching Her Kids About Food, the Farm, and Their Grandmom’s Childhood Interview, Magazines

Jennifer is featured on the cover of the September issue of Southern Living magazine. Ask Jennifer Garner what she remembers about growing up in the South (she is from West Virginia), and she will probably mention food. More specifically, her mother’s cooking. For Jennifer, like so many other Southerners, food represents more than just a […]

Jul 20, 18   Comments Off on Jennifer Garner on ‘Intense’ Moment Presenting Sexual Abuse Survivors With Award at 2018 ESPYs Events, Interview, Videos
Jul 16, 18   Comments Off on Clips from Good Morning America Guest Appearances, Interview, Videos

This morning Jennifer stopped by Good Morning America and talked about being on instagram, Alias, Once Upon a Farm, her new series Camping, etc.

Mar 07, 18   Comments Off on Jennifer Garner on the Oscars 2018 Red Carpet Events, Interview, Videos

Watch presenter Jennifer Garner discuss her new television role and her Oscar looks over the years on the Oscars 2018 Red Carpet.

Sep 16, 16   Comments Off on Jennifer Garner Admits She Hides In The Bathroom From Her Kids Interview, Videos

Jen talks to ET Canada about how she has tried to get some privacy from her family by hiding in the bathroom and other stuff about her new film Wakefield.

Aug 02, 16   Comments Off on Jennifer Garner Sings the Meow Mix Jingle and It’s Everything Events, Interview, Nine Lives, Videos

How fun is this interview Jen did last night with E!Online? Check it out! Who knew Jennifer Garner was such a fan of Meow Mix? Yes, the 44-year-old actress chatted with E! News at the premiere of Nine Lives—yes, a movie about cats—and dished her favorite name for a kitty. “A good cat name for […]

Aug 02, 16   Comments Off on Jennifer Garner: Why She Loved Being Part Of ‘Nine Lives’! Events, Interview, Nine Lives, Videos

Jennifer talked to Access Hollywood at the Nine Lives premiere last night about why she loved doing the film! At the “Nine Lives” Hollywood premiere, Jennifer Garner tells Access Hollywood how being a mom has affected her decision in making these types of family-friendly movies as of late.

Feb 18, 15   Comments Off on Jennifer Garner: It Was a Shock to Hear People Call Me Pretty in College Articles, Images, Interview, Magazines

Jennifer Garner opened up about her mother and Southern upbringing in the March issue of Southern Living. While she is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, Garner, 42, revealed that her mother, Patricia, never put much importance on her beauty. “What my mom did that I valued so much was to not […]

Jan 21, 15   Comments Off on Jennifer Garner Has Some Beauty Advice For Her 25-Year-Old Self Articles, Interview

The thing about Jennifer Garner is that she’s essentially everything we want to be. She has a very successful career, with acting roles ranging from an ass-kicking spy in Alias to the ultra-sympathetic and progressive Dr. Eve Saks in Dallas Buyers Club, and she’s a mother — a good one at that. Garner recently fought […]

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