Jennifer Garner, On Behalf Of Save The Children, Teams Up With Frigidaire To Celebrate — And Clean Up — Life’s Messiest Adventures

In the new Disney film, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” in theaters August 15th, Jennifer Garner plays a woman who embarks on the ultimate adventure in clean when she and her husband unexpectedly become parents. At this moment, Garner’s character understands what every mother knows: life is full of messy adventures – so make sure you have the right washing machine on hand to help clean things up.

Now Garner, on behalf of Save the Children, is teaming up with Frigidaire, makers of the Affinity® Front Load Washer, to invite families everywhere to share their “Adventures in Clean.” Consumers can go to Frigidaire’s Facebook page to create and share movie posters chronicling their personal adventures in clean for a chance to win a new Frigidaire Affinity® washer and dryer as well as a trip to Hollywood for the “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” premiere.

To launch “Adventures in Clean,” Garner joined local families at Griffith Park in Los Angeles for Frigidaire’s Field Day, an event that encouraged kids to compete in various events without worrying about getting dirty while moms had the chance to learn how they can make the most of their laundry settings, from the right wash cycle to the right water temperature, to eliminate grass and mud stains. After the Field Day festivities were over, Frigidaire rolled out the green carpet for an exclusive sneak preview of “The Old Life of Timothy Green” at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Continue reading “Jennifer Garner, On Behalf Of Save The Children, Teams Up With Frigidaire To Celebrate — And Clean Up — Life’s Messiest Adventures”

Jen Talks Holiday Traditions, Pregnancy, & Keeping Kids Out of the Kitchen!

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Jennifer Garner to talk about the new campaign she is promoting as a brand ambassador for Frigidaire. I first spoke to Jen back in July in New York, but since this interview was LA-based, we had a nice chat over the phone. As I said after I interviewed her this summer, she is 100% just as sweet as she seems!

The first thing I did was to congratulate Jennifer on her pregnancy, and I asked her how she is feeling. She said that she is doing well, and that she is finally “past all the yucky stuff!” Continue reading “Jen Talks Holiday Traditions, Pregnancy, & Keeping Kids Out of the Kitchen!”

Exclusive Interview With Jennifer Garner

Who doesn’t love Jennifer Garner?

The fresh-faced beauty from West Virginia is an incredibly talented actress who defies typecasting. She was as convincing as an international assassin in “Elektra” as she was playing a gawky teenage girl trapped in an adult’s body in “13 Going On 30.” She’s also married to actor Ben Affleck, with two beautiful daughters and a third baby on the way. Plus, when she’s not balancing a successful career with raising a family, Jennifer is an active advocate for Save the Children – an organization that works to improve childhood education, literacy, physical activity and nutrition.

“One of five kids in our country live in poverty,” she said. “They don’t get the food and resources they need, much less the reds, yellows and greens they should have in their diet. We want to teach children how to eat healthy while they’re young.” Continue reading “Exclusive Interview With Jennifer Garner”

Jennifer Picks Veggies at Hilltop Hanover Farm

Jennifer Garner picked veggies in Yorktown Heights on Thursday to kick off Frigidaire’s Kids’ Cooking Academy Summer Session in support of Save The Children.

Famous movie star Jennifer Garner picked vegetables with about 10 kids in Yorktown Heights Thursday morning to inspire families everywhere to cook together with fresh ingredients.

She picked vegetables at Hilltop Hanover Farm before heading over to Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurant with Adam Kaye, chef and kitchen director at the restaurant for a farm fresh cooking experience, spokesperson Elizabeth Todrin told Patch.

“I’m a huge fan and avid supporter of my local Farmer’s Market,” Garner said during the visit. “Showing kids how foods go from farm to table is an important first step in creating healthy eating habits. The Frigidaire Summer School is a great way to educate kids and their parents about the importance of eating fresh.”

Together, Garner and Kaye kicked off the Frigidaire Kids’ Cooking Academy Summer Session, in support of Save The Children, giving families the chance to learn about the seasonality of food and gain first-hand experience preparing just-picked ingredients. Continue reading “Jennifer Picks Veggies at Hilltop Hanover Farm”

Jennifer Talks Valentine’s Day Plans With Ben, Sera, and Violet and Cooks For a Cause

Jennifer Garner was in Hollywood yesterday afternoon to celebrate the launch of the Frigidaire Kids’ Cooking Academy and whip up some healthy treats with local students. The actress is teaming up on the new project with her charity of choice, Save the Children, chef Mary Sue Milliken, and Frigidaire. Each time a parent signs up to receive Jennifer and Mary Sue’s daily cooking tips and kid-friendly recipes through the Academy, Frigidaire will donate $1 toward Save the Children’s efforts to bring nutritious food to underprivileged children. We spoke to Jennifer at the event about why she loves meal time with her own family, her favorite part of each busy day, and her plans for Valentine’s Day with Ben, Seraphina, and Violet. Continue reading “Jennifer Talks Valentine’s Day Plans With Ben, Sera, and Violet and Cooks For a Cause”

Saving The Children with Snacks

We all know how important snack time is. Heck, I can’t function through the entire day without something to munch on in the late afternoon. It’s even more important for kids to get a snack, and actress/mom of two, Jennifer Garner, has teamed up with Save the Children charity and Frigidaire to help make sure kids everywhere are getting the healthy snacks that their little bodies need. I sat down with Jennifer so she could give us the scoop on this awesome organization.

Why do you think snack time is so important?

Kids need a healthy snack … they need something to keep up their blood sugar level, something to keep their metabolism going. Especially if they’re in school because you stop being able to learn if you’re hungry.

What role is Save the Children playing?

Save the Children, Frigidaire, and I have teamed up to promote “Make Time for Snack Time.” Unfortunately, 1 in 5 kids is growing up in poverty and that’s where Save the Children comes in. We’re right in there and making sure they get a healthy snack at least once every day and, on top of that, we’re trying to teach them to make healthy choices. Continue reading “Saving The Children with Snacks”