Why Jennifer Garner Wants You to Wear Sunscreen

You’ve heard that tanning is awful for your skin, and you’ve heard us (and basically everyone else) preach the importance of sun safety. But the fact remains that one in five people will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, and we’re definitely not OK with that stat. So in honor of Skin Cancer Awareness month (i.e., this month), we’re going to dust off our soapbox once more and stand up alongside other safe-sun advocates, like Jennifer Garner.

Garner, a Neutrogena ambassador, has joined the Neutrogena Choose Skin Health initiative, which encourages skin-cancer education and offers free screenings in partnership with the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. “It’s crazy that skin cancer is the most preventable of the cancers, yet there are new cases of it every year, more than [there are of] colon, lung, breast, and prostate cancers combined,” she said at a recent event. “It’s like, Come on people! It’s not sexy, but let’s do this!” Neutrogena will help you find a doctor close to you who will do a free skin-cancer screening. For her part, Garner is diligent about getting herself and her family checked regularly, as well as protecting them on a daily basis. “My children are slathered in sunscreen—they are so pale,” she says. “It’s just a nonnegotiable part of the morning.”

And though being covered in sunscreen used to evoke images of white, sticky residue all over your skin, many of the newer formulas are lightweight and nongreasy. (We bow down to Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen). “The one I use is Neutrogena Sheer Ultra Dry. It just goes away without any greasiness, and you don’t have to worry about it once it’s on,” says Garner.

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The Secret to Jennifer Garner’s Perfect Skin at 42

Our latest celebrity skin care crush? Jennifer Garner. She’s 42, and her skin is pretty much flawless. We chatted with the actress and Neutrogena ambassador about how she keeps her glowy youthfulness.

How important is skin care to you?
I keep my skin clean, SPF’d, and I make sure to clean and moisturize at night. That’s often as much time as I have. But I love being in the sun. I feel so lucky to live in Southern California and to wake up to a beautiful, sunny day almost every single day. As far as sun protection goes, it has to be a part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth. As a matter of a fact, I do it right after I brush my teeth—the sunscreen immediately goes on. Even if I’m taking my kids to school and know that I’m coming home and will work out and shower later, I don’t care. I will do it twice! I just never leave without it.

What is your favorite sunscreen?
I love Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch because you can wear it under makeup, and it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy and gross! The important thing to me is to have every possible kind of sunscreen available because you need different things at different times. I love Neutrogena Beach Defense, and I have the Wet Skin sunscreen around when we’re playing outside in the sprinklers. I love to spray sunscreen on my face and body when I need to get it done quickly. My kids often prefer the face and body sticks, and I use Pure and Free Baby on them all the time. I have sunscreen everywhere! I never go anywhere without it.

Any application tips? Do you have a special way of applying it?
You just have to be thorough. If you miss a spot, maybe you are missing that spot consistently and putting yourself at risk for skin cancer later. So my only application tip is be liberal.

When I was a little girl I used to hate being forced to wear sunscreen. How do your daughters feel about it?
All kids hate to have sunscreen put on them. One hundred percent of kids! I’ve never met one who was just dying to have sunscreen put on her face. I think you have to let them choose the form—if they want a face and body stick or a spray or the lotion. We do everything from, “I will get it on before we are finished singing the ABC’s” to “You can count to 10 and by the time you count to 10 you’re done.” Now that my kids are getting older, I’m starting to let them apply it themselves, but the key is that they have to do it every day. There can’t be a day where if they’re grumpy enough about it, I say, “OK, forget it.” It’s just part of the daily routine.

What is your favorite summer getaway destination?
The one vacation that I take with my family every year without fail is to my home state of West Virginia, and it gets hot there in the summer. So we definitely spend a lot of time with the sprinklers in the lawn at my parents’ house.

What are your beach-day essentials?
My beach essentials would definitely be a spray sunscreen because it can help repel that gritty, gross feeling from the sand, a good pair of sunglasses, flip-flops, and a bucket and shovel!

What is the makeup product you can’t live without?
You cannot go wrong with the Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Sticks. They really do add moisture and are the perfect amount of color saturation and sheer. Rich Raisin and Juicy Peach are great ones. I am wearing Bright Berry today.

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Jennifer Garner Thinks She’s a Beauty Disaster, Plus the Cute Way She Gets Her Kids to Wear Sunscreen

There was a time (not too long ago) when baby oil was more of a beach staple than sunscreen. Jennifer Garner knows what I’m talking about: “My whole generation—I think we were all just tossed out into the sun to burn to a crisp,” she told me on the phone. “I was deep brown all summer, every summer. Now I realize I’m really fair, and I never had any business being that tan.” While the low-key actress may not insist on wearing makeup every day, SPF is non-negotiable—for her or her family. Read on to find out how she gets her kids to slather the stuff on, and why she thinks she’s a beauty disaster. (We’re going to go ahead and disagree with her on that one.)

How do you get your kids to wear sunscreen?
“It’s such a battle. But everyone has to do it every day. You have to make it part of the routine so that they stop fighting. I let them decide: Do they want a face and body stick on their face and arms before school, or do they want a lotion? I let them choose a song, and by the end of singing it, I have to be done putting it on them. You make a game out of how fast you can do it—but it has to happen. It can be a game or it can be a battle, but it’s going on one way or the other.”

What about your husband [Ben Affleck]? I read about a study recently that said men are more at risk for melanoma because they’re less likely to wear sunscreen.
“50 percent of men say they have not worn sunscreen in the past year. I cannot tell you how many battles with him I’ve had about sunscreen when we’re at the beach and I see him crisping up. He knows how I feel about it; he knows what I do for a living [Garner is a spokeswoman for Neutrogena]. If I can sneak it in, I spray it on him.”

What’s your go-to sunscreen?
“Neutrogena Ultra Sheer, because it doesn’t mess with your makeup if you have to wear any and it doesn’t aggravate your skin. SPF 30 in the winter, but now it’s almost always 45. If I’m going to be out in the sun, it’s probably up to 70.”

When you’re at the beach, do you wear makeup?
“No. I almost never wear makeup unless someone is putting it on me for work. I do usually use a little concealer around my nose or under my eyes, but that’s as far as I go. I used to wear mascara every day, and I don’t know why, but it feels fake or something. I’ve just grown out of it.”

So I guess it’s fair to say you aren’t exactly a beauty junkie?
“I’m not someone who should be in a beauty spotlight. I was one of those people who wore pajamas to class every day in college, and I would still be that way if I could! I’m in New Balance sneakers every day. I try not to be because I get made fun of by my husband and friends, but it’s not natural for me to think about how I look on a daily basis. So I’m kind of my own walking beauty disaster.

That’s pretty hard to believe when we see pictures of you on the red carpet.
“I have grown to love nice clothes and looking nice. I’ve been exposed to such a level of fashion and design that I have no right to wear, and I have to say, I’ve grown to reeeeaalllly like them. When it comes to red carpet, I’m all in.”

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Jennifer Garner: Why Sun Protection Matters to Me

Mega-star, wife to Ben Affleck and busy mom of three (Violet, 8, Seraphina, 4, and Samuel, 1), Jennifer Garner has a lot of things on her mind. Sun health is one of them. As the brand ambassador for Neutrogena, Garner is a passionate advocate for skin-health awareness.

We had a chance to talk to the actress about the sneaky way to put sunscreen on kids, how she juggles family and career, and her secrets to feeling beautiful and staying fit.

On why sunscreen matters:

“One person every hour dies from melanoma, and it is our most preventable cancer! One in five Americans will get skin cancer in their lifetime. That is crazy. And all we have to do to prevent it is to wear sunscreen daily. It’s also important to go to a dermatologist once a year. Many doctors even provide free screenings. Get yourself checked out.”

On fitting it into her beauty routine:

“One of the things that I love about Neutrogena is that they put sunscreen in their products, so you don’t have to worry about it! If you’re putting on a moisturizer or make-up, like Neutrogena Healthy Defense Liquid Makeup, you’re protected just like that. Anything else you put on is gravy.” Continue reading “Jennifer Garner: Why Sun Protection Matters to Me”

Jennifer Garner’s Kids Put on Sunscreen Every Day

Listen to supermom Jennifer Garner: Stay out of the sun! “Sure, a tan looks good, but it’s not worth messing up your skin long-term,” the actress, whose peaches and cream complexion is testament to her commitment to sun protection, tells Us Weekly.

“It’s important to prioritize sunscreen as a family,” says the mom, who has three kids — Violet, 7, Seraphina, 4, and Samuel, 14 months — with husband Ben Affleck, 40. The Neutrogena spokeswoman, 41, tells Us how she covers her bases.

Wear SPF every day, rain or shine. “I love Neutrogena’s SPF 30 moisturizer with retinol and vitamin C. But if I’m going to the beach, I’ll use a waterproof formula with SPF 70.”

Educate children at an early age. “They do not relish putting on sunscreen everyday, but we make it quick. Ben puts it on the kids when I’m not home and vice versa. If I forget to do it, they’ll remind me.”

Limit time spent outdoors. “When I was younger and on the swim team, I’d try to get more and more tan all year. Now I know it only takes one burn to double your chance of skin cancer later in life.”

Buy 1, donate 1. “You have to be sure your kids are protected from the sun. One bad sunburn in childhood could actually double your child’s odds of developing skin cancer later in life. I love that for the months of May through July, when you buy any Neutrogena product with SPF, Neutrogena will donate one to a family in need. So not only are you doing something good for yourself this summer by being protected, but you’re also doing something for other families, too.”

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Jennifer Garner: ‘Sunblock, a Smile and You’re Good to Go!”

Jennifer Garner has been a Neutrogena brand ambassador for six years. She is also an avid sun safety advocate. The beauty of her skin reflects her consistent and proper use of their great products.

I attended a Sun Summit event held by Neutrogena recently. She is also an avid sun-safety advocate. The beauty of her skin reflects her consistent and proper use of their great products. I attended a Sun Summit event held by Neutrogena recently. Jennifer and a panel of professionals updated and enlightened all in attendance on the impact of Global Climate Change — specifically, on skin’s health and ways to protect it.

The statistics were alarming no doubt. But feel comforted in the fact that Neutrogena is on top of it! They’re making products to address the issue of protection and perfection of your precious and irreplaceable skin. I sat with Jennifer to find out her skin care regime and product favorites. Continue reading “Jennifer Garner: ‘Sunblock, a Smile and You’re Good to Go!””

Jennifer Garner: ‘My Friends Used to Call Me Casper!’

When it comes to skincare, who better to trust than Jennifer Garner? At 40, she’s a safe sun fanatic, and it shows: her skin is amazing.

“The more that I’ve worked with Neutrogena, the more I’ve learned about skin cancer,” the Neutrogena brand ambassador told PEOPLE at Wednesday’s Neutrogena Sun Summit. “It’s our most common… and most preventable form of cancer.”

Garner admits that in the past, she wasn’t as cautious about it. “When I was really young, no one thought of the sun as being a problem,” Garner says. “We would put on baby oil and lay in the sun to try to get brown.”

As it turns out, however, being a theater kid “saved” her complexion. While her friends spent afternoons tanning, “I was inside in the theater geeking out. My friends called me Casper!”

These days, Garner’s daily makeup routine isn’t complete without SPF. “Right after brushing my teeth and washing my face, I put on sunscreen immediately,” she says. “It has to be in my moisturizer, in my makeup.”

And speaking of her beauty regimen, she shares that she’s happy to have a break from super-glam awards season. Though she says she loved having “such great reasons to get dressed up” (see: husband Ben Affleck’s Oscar win), the late nights out took a toll on her skin.

“There would be nights where we would get home so late for me, like 3:30, 4 in the morning,” she says, “When you’ve been wearing that much makeup for that long, you absolutely have to get it off your skin. There were a couple of nights where I used the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes … Worst case scenario, that’s the way to go!”

Now that it’s all over, Garner has happily returned to her low-maintenance look. “I had a blast,” she says, “but I was certainly fine with just going back to washing my face, a little sunscreen in my moisturizer and putting my hair in a ponytail.”

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Actresses Unite with Neutrogena® to Help Fight The Skin Cancer Epidemic

Neutrogena® Brand Ambassadors Jennifer Garner, Miranda Cosgrove and Gabrielle Union Unite for a New Public Service Announcement Campaign to Help Fight the Skin Cancer Epidemic

Skin cancer is a national epidemic and on the rise with a record 2 million cases diagnosed annually, but most Americans are still not following dermatologists’ prevention advice including proper sunscreen application and regular skin cancer checks. Neutrogena®, the #1 dermatologist-recommended skincare brand, continues its Choose Skin Health™ Campaign, in partnership with the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), to help fight the skin cancer epidemic. This summer, a star-studded Choose Skin Health™ PSA will urge Americans to take skin health seriously and sign up for a free skin cancer screening with a dermatologist in their town at www.chooseskinhealth.com.

The one-minute PSA video features three actresses who share a personal passion for this cause, providing education on the dangers of sun exposure and urges everyone to practice safe sun habits.

Gorgeous Jennifer Garner becomes the new face of Neutrogena Multi-Defence!

Jennifer Garner reveals the secret behind her stunning skin as she becomes the new face of Neutrogena Multi-Defence…

Gorgeous Arthur actress Jennifer Garner shares her skincare secrets as she becomes the new Neutrogena ambassador for the Multi-Defence range.

She said: “I’m so excited to be in the UK with Neutrogena I’ve been an ambassador for Neutrogena for a few years in the states and this is my first time in the UK.. my family has been using Neutrogena since I was a little kid…I’ve two sisters, we grew up using Neutrogena and we’re big believers in healthy beauty in my family.”

And as for Jen’s skincare secret?

“I’m a huge fan of anti-oxidants and every woman out there should be! Most of the damage that happens to your skin is from environmental pollutants-the sun, the wind, pollution, indoor heating. Your skin is the first line of defence and you have to take care of it…”

The range includes a Daily Moisturiser for all skin types which is fragrance-free and contains SPF25, along with a Gentle Purifying Scrub, a Night Moisturiser, Gentle Purifying Wipes and two other Daily Moisturisers with SPF15.

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