Jennifer Garner on Butter, Harvey Weinstein’s Michele Bachmann Stunt, and Ben’s ‘Wonder Sperm’

Jennifer Garner appears to be channeling a bit of Michele Bachmann in her new film Butter, but that’s pure coincidence. The dark comedy acts as a political parable, with a butter-carving contest (and the top two contestants) as a stand-in for the 2008 presidential campaign. The actress’s character, Laura Pickler, thinks the contest is her entry point into politics and will do anything to win once her husband (played by Ty Burrell) is no longer allowed to enter the race — deceit, sabotage, and even sex with an old flame (Hugh Jackman, no less) are just a few of the tools she uses to try to get her way. Garner, who is also a producer of the film, chatted with Vulture about butter-carving, Bachmann, and husband Ben Affleck’s wonder sperm. Continue reading “Jennifer Garner on Butter, Harvey Weinstein’s Michele Bachmann Stunt, and Ben’s ‘Wonder Sperm’”

Jennifer Garner, ‘Butter’ Star, on the Tea Party, Michele Bachmann and Harvey Weinstein

The actress/producer is finally releasing her star-studded satire film, and talks to THR about its (accidental) political overtones.

A politically savvy white woman with a Midwestern accent, a love of state fairs and a sense of entitlement goes up against a talented black upstart who comes out of nowhere to shake a traditional establishment to its very core.

The synopsis of Butter may sound just a little bit familiar, but producer/star Jennifer Garner swears that her little indie comedy wasn’t designed to satirize the 2008 election, or the mid-term rise of the Tea Party and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann. That said, she doesn’t mind viewers making the connection, or executive producer/publicity maestro Harvey Weinstein’s efforts to use this November’s political death match as a platform to promote the film. Continue reading “Jennifer Garner, ‘Butter’ Star, on the Tea Party, Michele Bachmann and Harvey Weinstein”

Jennifer Garner happy to play villain in ‘Butter’ movie

Jennifer Garner says playing a ruthless artist who will do anything to win an Iowa butter-sculpting contest in the comedy “Butter” was a delightful change from the girl-next-door roles she frequently plays.

Directed by Jim Field Smith, the contemporary comedy is about Laura Pickler, a woman whose world is turned upside-down when her husband Bob is forced to retire from competing in the annual Iowa state butter-sculpting contest . The competition made the couple semi-celebrities because Bob always wins, but contest officials think he should give someone else a shot.

Instead of gracefully relinquishing what she believes is their hard-won social standing, however, Laura decides to enter the next competition — proving to be a capable artist, but finding her work eclipsed by that of Destiny, the adorable, talented foster child of a kindly couple.

Garner plays Laura, Ty Burrell plays Bob, newcomer Yara Shahidi plays Destiny, and Alicia Silverstone and Rob Corddry play Destiny’s adoptive parents, Julie and Ethan.

Adding to the tension is Olivia Wilde’s character Brooke, an exotic dancer and occasional prostitute who stalks and threatens Laura after Bob fails to pay her for services rendered.

Brooke enters the butter-sculpting competition just to irk Laura, and then throws her support behind Destiny when she sees the little girl has a much better chance of besting Laura, even though Laura will lie and cheat to take first prize.

“I play a lot of pretty, girl-next-doorish kinds of characters and I am a girl-next-door in real life and I am sick of myself. I am so over it. I don’t want to see another simpering smile. I’m done,” Garner joked with United Press International at a press conference in New York Thursday. “So, this, to me, was heaven on Earth — except that she is not to be emulated in any way and she is a heinous person. …

“But as far as relating to that competitiveness, I think it stretches it for me,” the actress said. “I will tell you there is a moment in the movie where Olivia Wilde says she’s going to cut me and every time she did it, I kid you not, I had a fight or flight response in my body, where I felt like, ‘Run!’ She may say, ‘Oh, it was really hard for me to do.’ But she went right for it.”

“Her reaction was totally real,” said Wilde, who was sitting with Garner at the press conference. “I think it was on our first day of shooting. It really set the tone.”

While she didn’t develop a passion for butter-sculpting, Garner told reporters she does have things she loves that might surprise some people.

“Clogging,” she said. “I’m from West Virginia. You play ‘Rocky Top,’ I could clog right now. The saxophone and anything to do with the Mountain State.”

“Butter” is on Video on Demand now. It opens in U.S. theaters Oct. 5.


Jennifer Garner comedy will be shown at film festival

The film “Butter” will be shown as part of the South Dakota Film Festival, about a week before its national release.

The picture, which stars Jennifer Garner, will be screened Sept. 29 at the festival, which is based at the Capitol Theatre in Aberdeen. “Butter” is an R-rated comedy directed by Jim Field Smith.

“The Weinstein Co. contacted the South Dakota Film Festival and asked if we’d be willing to show this new film by Jennifer Garner,” according to the South Dakota Film Festival website. “We reviewed it and believed it was quirky enough to present to the SDFF crowd. The cast alone is worth the look.”

In addition to Garner, the film stars Ty Burrell, Olivia Wilde, Rob Corddry, Ashley Greene, Alicia Silverstone and Hugh Jackman. “Butter,” which opens nationally Oct. 5, will be the last film shown at the Capitol on Sept. 29. The film, set in an Iowa town, focuses on a girl who has a knack for butter carving. She enters the town’s annual contest.


Jennifer Garner: I respect my audience

Jennifer Garner treated her newest role with a great deal of “respect”.

Jennifer portrays Midwestern housewife Laura Picker in upcoming satire Butter. The film follows Laura as she goes on a campaign to reclaim her husband’s title as the Iowa town’s butter-carving champion.

Jennifer was intent on poking fun at the situation in good spirits, without disrespecting anyone’s standpoints.

“I don’t know if I would want to watch [Butter] with a politician, but I would like to watch it in Iowa and see if they are still friends with me after because we made it with such respect,” Jennifer told Pop Tarts. “And I come from a small town, so I just want to make sure that they enjoy it and have as much fun with it as we intend for them to have.”

Jennifer relished the butter-carving experience she gained while filming this movie. She now has a new appreciation for the dairy product.

“I love movies where you’re immersed in a world you know nothing about and you see that they’re universal. I was all for butter-carving,” she said. “I used butter in the icing for a cake today so no [not sick of it yet!] I go through a lot of butter.”

Butter will be released in US cinemas on March 16 2012.