Jennifer Garner loves telling porky pies unlike her character in Ricky Gervais’ The Invention Of Lying

Jennifer Garner reckons the truth is over-rated. Unlike her character in Ricky Gervais’ new comedy The Invention Of Lying, the 37-year-old actress has no problem telling porky pies.

In fact, she considers fibs to be a part of the very fabric of society. “Can you imagine teaching a child to play cards and every time they play you say, ‘You lose. You lose again. You’re a big loser. You won’t win until you’re 12!’ ”

Garner admits a case can be argued for the sort of brutal honesty that vacuous beauty Anna McDoogles practises, without compunction, in the film. But not very often. Continue reading “Jennifer Garner loves telling porky pies unlike her character in Ricky Gervais’ The Invention Of Lying”

Q&A: Actress Jennifer Garner is Treated To ‘The Invention of Lying’

British comic Ricky Gervais has one kicky concept behind his directorial debut, The Invention of Lying. On an alternate earth, humanity lacks the capacity for lying so truth-telling is just telling. People may speak the truth, but have no sense of humor and no idea of fiction. As a result, they do reveal it all–including how inflated their views of themselves can be.

As Mark Bellison (Gervais) struggles to survive at a mediocre television company, the pug-nosed, pudgy writer endures a rivalry with the better looking, more successful and far more arrogant Brad Kessler (Rob Lowe). Mark suffers through miserable dates his mother encourages him to go on. When he meets tall, gorgeous Anna McDoogles (Jennifer Garner) on one of those dates, he falls for her and she tells him that despite the fact they get along, and that he’s a nice guy, she can’t continue to see him–let alone marry him–because she’s way too out of his league; she’ll never have his children. Since he’s just not up to her in looks or physique, their relationship has to remain platonic. Continue reading “Q&A: Actress Jennifer Garner is Treated To ‘The Invention of Lying’”

Family comes first for ‘Lying’ star Garner

Jennifer Garner is ensconced on a plush sofa in a fancy hotel suite. Although some actresses have displayed a lot of flesh during the Toronto International Film Festival, she is primly attired in a pastel sleeveless sheath. Her long dark hair is perfectly coiffed. Garner looks dressed more for a garden show than one of the world’s largest film festivals.

Although she and Ben Affleck wed almost five years ago and his made-for-the-National Enquirer romance with Jennifer Lopez seems in the distant past, it is still hard not to think of Affleck’s second Jennifer as the antithesis of his first. Cool, not hot. Continue reading “Family comes first for ‘Lying’ star Garner”

Actress with kids choosier these days

“It is absolutely crazy in our house,” Jennifer Garner said. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The actress is married to fellow actor Ben Affleck, and they are the parents of two daughters, 4-year-old Violet and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, born in January.

“The goal is that everyone is just happy and healthy,” Garner said.

“The second child is easier, and the experience of bringing a baby into the world is easier,” she conceded. “But the overall thing is chaos. It’s happy chaos. Let me just say that life is very full these days.”

No wonder, then, that Garner, 37, doesn’t sign on for every movie that comes her way.

“I really have to love a project to do it,” she said, “because it’s a lot of logistics with two children and a husband who is working on a set. It’s very lively at our house.”

The latest film to meet her criteria is The Invention of Lying. Co-written and co-directed by Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson, the film is a comic twist on The Twilight Zone. In a world in which nobody has ever lied, one man (Gervais) discovers how to do so. It changes his life as well as his relationship to the unattainable, out-of-his-league-gorgeous woman (Garner) who is the object of his dreams. Continue reading “Actress with kids choosier these days”

Jennifer Confesses She is a Bad Liar

Jennifer Garner, star of ‘The Invention of Lying,’ sat down with ET’s Thea Andrews to reminisce on working with Ricky Gervais and how she got caught in a white lie as a child.

What was it like to have the funnyman as a boss? Garner said, “He is so goofy that the rest of us felt like the boss sometimes.” Gervais is not only her co-star in this film, but also a producer and director.

While Gervais himself may call her “wholesome,” Garner admits that we do need lying in our society. What is the worst lie this good-girl got caught in?

She confessed, “I was supposed to feed a goldfish down the street when I was about seven for a family when they were out of town and I lost the key. The goldfish died. And I tried to say, ‘Oh, no. I was there.’ But I got caught because the mail had been stacking up. Once I lost the key I just never went again.”

‘The Invention of Lying’ is in theaters now.

Jennifer Tells White Lies, But Doesn’t Swear

Jennifer Garner is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen in my life, and she’s also one of the most pure.

“I am a horrible liar,” the kind-hearted actress, 37, admits at an Invention of Lying event held during the Toronto International Film Festival. “I can’t do it. Even if I have your birthday present and your birthday is not until November, and I get a present, I have to tell you. I can’t lie and say I don’t have it. I can keep a secret if you need me to, but otherwise, it doesn’t work out.” Continue reading “Jennifer Tells White Lies, But Doesn’t Swear”

Jennifer Garner’s an Old-Fashioned Mom

Jennifer Garner may downplay her mom abilities, but she has no shortage of ideas about encouraging her kids to think creatively, a friend says.

“Every day, you feel like you are off-balance one way or another,” Garner, at Monday’s Hollywood premiere of her comedy The Invention of Lying, told PEOPLE about the secret to juggling career and motherhood. “You just take it one day at a time. Oh gosh, let me know when you figure that out. I don’t think anyone has it.”

Looking slim and radiant in a Gucci dress and Cartier jewels, Garner, 37, attended the movie opening without husband Ben Affleck. She gave birth in January to the couple’s second daughter, Seraphina, who joined Violet, 3½.

Garner may know more about motherhood than she lets on, however.

“Most of the time that I did spend with her when it was off-set, Violet was cooking with her, or reading Jane Austen, or doing one of these remarkable things that Violet tends to do,” producer Lynda Obst told PEOPLE. “She encourages her kids to be independent. At the same time, kind of not television watchers. Readers. Thinkers. She is kind of old-fashioned. She is a very classic mom.”

And as a mom and grandmother herself, Obst says of Garner, “We talk about really fun things to do with our kids. I will talk about the marching band I just formed with my granddaughter. She will talk about interesting play things she is doing. We swap tips. We talk about theory of parenting. We talk about free play and not interfering with the kids when they’re being creative. She is a remarkable mother.”

Clean Mouth
Adds funnyman Ricky Gervais, who costars in the movie and who also worked with Garner on Alias: “She is Miss Goody Two Shoes. When she swears, she says things like ‘dang it’ and ‘darn.’ Her favorite swear word is ‘rats.’ That’s not a swear word!”

Invention of Lying co-director Matthew Robinson, who shared helming duties with Gervais, says Garner kept mum – pun intended – about her pregnancy. She was in the early stages while filming.

“I think she didn’t want us babying her, no pun intended,” Robinson says. “Or worrying that we were pushing her too hard or working too long hours. She never told anybody. And it was a surprise to us when we found out a few months after we wrapped.”


Jennifer on-set for ‘The Invention Of Lying’

Jennifer Garner may be one of the nicest people in Hollywood.

I first met her on the set of “Daredevil,” where I attempted to carry on a normal conversation with her even as a wardrobe assistant used a rag to buff every inch of her shiny skintight leather costume to a high shine. The fact that she didn’t file a restraining order against me is a testament to just how well I was able to maintain my professional focus, but come on… I’m only human. Even as she gets older, even after having kids, Garner still exudes a simple sweetness in person that is about more than her coltish cheerleader-next-door looks. There’s something decent about her, something almost reserved. She seems just plain too nice to be a Hollywood professional. Continue reading “Jennifer on-set for ‘The Invention Of Lying’”