Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Jennifer Garner Fan! Ali had to sadly step down from the site, so I’m [Angie] the new owner. I used to run a Jennifer Garner fansite back in 2017, hence the familiar (albeit temporary) layout.

I’ve spent the past several days cleaning up the posts that contained broken links & editing the rest. The site pages are still under construction (except for the Website section, which has been fully revamped) but I hope to have the other sections completed very soon.

You may notice that we now have two brand new sections on the site: Press Library & Videos — both containing content from 2008-to the present day. Happy browsing!

Be sure to check back soon for HD captures from Jen’s most recent projects including Peppermint & Love, Simon. Thank you for visiting & enjoy your stay here!

An All New Jennifer Garner Online!

Jennifer Garner Online & Jennifer Garner Fan are merging! In honor of the merge we have an all new theme … a very fallish feel featuring images from Jennifer’s InStyle photoshoot. Thanks to Claudia at Never Enough Design for the beautiful theme! I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do!

I will be gradually merging the sites contents into one over the next little while … stay tuned!

The Site is Moving!

Hello Jennifer fans!

Unfortunately our fansite hosting service has closing its doors. As of Monday 10th August, the site will be offline. Also we will no longer have access to the current site domain so the site will be found on jennifer-garner.net from now on.

I am already working to have it moved to another host, so hopefully the downtime won’t be extensive. Please, be sure to follow us on twitter at @JenGarnerNet to be updated on site status and/or URL changes.

Thanks for your continued support! We will be back!